Join our Broadcast Team

by Brie Martin

Color Commentator

Our long-time play-by-play announcer, Dave, is retiring from the mic. Our color commentator, Marko, will be sliding into Dave's role so we're looking for someone to team up with Marko. 

This past season we received many compliments on our broadcast - from our families, from visiting teams' families, and from Black Dog Hockey. Dave and Marko provided fair and consistent commentary, they were excited to call the games, and they didn't speak poorly of the visiting team. This is what we're looking for in filling the role that Dave is leaving behind.

This position requires you to attend every Spartans 2020-21 home game. It requires knowledge of hockey, our players, our sponsors, and surface knowledge of the league and visiting teams. We're striving to make this the best broadcast in junior hockey and the color commentator role is key to fulfilling that goal.

Camera operator

This is a very important position for many reasons. The game feed not only provides a way for family and friends to watch their loved one from afar, but video is used by the league in reviewing penalties, by recruiters who are interested in our players, and by Coach for the film room.

Our main camera operator is Tami and she does a wonderful job. She works the Friday and Saturday games. We're looking for someone to work the Thursday night / Sunday afternoon games. Our schedule isn't set yet, but some homestands will be played Thurs-Fri-Sat and others Fri-Sat-Sun. This position requires you to attend every Thursday or Sunday home game of the Spartans 2020-21 season.

This position requires a lot of concentration because you aren't just there to watch the game. Tami will train you and pass along some of her tricks - she watches the puck through the camera in order to keep the play-action centered while watching behind the play in order to capture things that might be needed for league review. This position is integral to reaching our goal of having the best broadcast in junior hockey.


Both positions require you to climb up the ladder near the locker room as we film and record from the platform above the penalty boxes.

If you have questions or are interested in either position, please email Brie at