Nuevo Food Box Winner

by Brie Martin

Nuevo generously donated an amazing food box which we raffled off this weekend! By subscribing to Nuevo, you get a taste of New Mexico's unique cuisine, which combines Mexican and Pueblo influences. 

Each month, Nuevo serves up something different, but each box contains salsas and sauces, traditional ingredients to make your own New Mexican feast, and a little something unique. For 10% off your first 3 months, visit and use the code SPARTANS10

The box we raffled off this weekend included red chile sauce, guacamole dip mix, green chile mac n cheese, salsa mix, blue corn waffle and pancake mix, and a recipe for Red Chile Marinated Grilled Chicken! 🤤

The winning ticket was #254870. To claim your prize, call the Spartans front office and we'll arrange your pick up.